Marble Blocks offloaded in gantry yard

After the block purchasing at mines, marble & granite blocks are delivered at factory. Blocks are unloaded with the help of Gantry Crane. Therefore, blocks are stored in gantry via crane

Dressing of the Blocks

Once blocks gets unloaded in gantry, they are properly washed with water for its next process which comprises squaring and dressing of blocks. With the help of block dressing we are able to know the crack position better.

Reinforcement of the Blocks

Blocks are reinforced with fiber netting according to the Italian processing standard of Tenax. After applying it on all the four sides, the blocks are cured to make it withstand breakage for sawing through the Gangsaw machinery.

Sawing Process

Blocks are kept on the trolley with the help of wooden wedge and Plaster of Paris. Hence forth, Cutting of block into slab starts.

Net-reinforcement of marble slabs

After the sawing process fibre nets are applied at the back of slabs and go for resin treatment to fill &process cracks

Polishing process

The most and foremost part of processing is polish since finish is the most important part which can also be termed as result. The thing which we are working for.