Variety of Rich Stone Textures

About Evershine Marbles

EVERSHINE MARBLES have the widest range of Indian and Imported Stones with the years of experience in the marble industry. We purchasemarble and granite blocks from all over the world and produce it using our latest technology machines and with the help of experts we provide highest quality and cost-effective product. Our experts team comprises of highlyexperienced supervisors and project managers that ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to become the leading supplier of the stone industry in the world. We make sure that each & every slab gets its right treatment while preparation. We believe that customers purchasing marble have emotions attached to it, therefore marbles mean more than just a décor item to us. We have conceptual designs for individual house, complete township, big hotels, airports, shopping malls, IT centres’, showrooms. Currently, our company deals in more than 350 varieties of shades in Indian & Imported marble and granite.

We invite you to visit our facilities at Makrana and Kishangarh get to know our process.

Our Vision is ...
Our Vision is our framework that guides our business and everything about it. To understand and delight the world, translating everyone’s dream and personality into marble & granite with 100 percent satisfaction, and spread the happiness from it to all.

Our Mission is ...
Our mission reveals our cause of existence as a company. Serving our customers with best quality and after sales service, and understanding their needs. For future, we have the plans of creating unmatched experienced centre at all the major metro cities, so that our customer get real time experiences. We want to remain the leading supplier in the world. Our next focus is on focusing the export of granite to the countries such as Vietnam, Turkey, Morocco, USA, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Italy, Netherlands etc. By using our experiences, we want to lead the industry by innovations.
pure & clean wind is the world to us


The company was founded in early twentieth century by Mr. Gaurishankar Agarwal. He was awarded for his economic contribution in the year 1996 by the then Prime Minister P.V. Narsimha Rao. Mr. Agarwal has always had a knack for business. Before venturing into marbles business, he started his business of clothes in Pakistan before separation and this involved him travelling to Bangladesh frequently for work. With separation he had to leave behind his business and properties in Pakistan.

He moved to India and started an entirely new business of Marbles and Granites. He started with minimal capital in hand. The journey started with him hiring a cycle and land on rent, and keeping less than 4000 sqf of marble and granite for trading. He always kept the focus on purchasing top quality marble and granite and increased varieties of marble over time. And from then on the brand Evershine grew by leaps and bounds, It became one of the most profitable and distinctly known company in the marble industry.

At present, Evershine Marble is one of the biggest dealers in marble and granite and other stones in India. The Company has undertaken big hotel and airport projects involving imported marble (Bottochino, Perlato etc) and granite (P white, S white) from across the world. We assure highest quality of marbles, after sales service guarantee and premium customer experience in our dealings.

Chairman’s Message:

Our vision is to become the biggest brand in the marble industry by next decade. Customer Satisfaction, Product Quality, Fair Working and Customer transparency are core principles on which we operate.

V.K. Agarwal


Vinod Kumar Agarwal (Chief Executive Officer-EVERSHINE)

Born in 1963, shri Vinod Kumar Agarwal followed the footsteps of his father and continued glorious marble business legacy. After finishing his graduation in commerce, he decided to join the marble business in 1987. He has an experience in all the aspects of business be it operations, procurement, staffing with sales being his specialty. He manages both the outlets of the company i.e. at Makrana & Kishangarh, Rajasthan. Every activity in the factory is controlled by him.

Alok Agarwal (Director, Procurement-EVERSHINE)

Mr. Alok Agarwal is a BBA from Jaipur and also has degree in Strategy Management from LSE. He is currently appointed as the Director of Procurement for the company. He has been with the company from past 6 years. His works involve purchasing blocks from the mines, and maintaining the supply chain for the company. He travels to different parts of the world and imports curated block.

Bharat Agarwal (Director, Sales & Marketing -EVERSHINE)

Mr. Bharat Agarwal joined the organization one and a half years back. He looks after all the marketing efforts of the company to grow the business to different parts of India involving maintaining relations with the customers, finding newer customers/geographies for expansion, participating in exhibitions and others. He is the youngest blood in the family and has lot of zeal and commitment to take business to newer heights. He is a Masters in Finance from Glasgow University, Scotland.

Bhawana Agarwal (Relationship Manager for International Affairs.)

Bhawana is a Chartered Accountant (2014) and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management (2016-18). She is our Relationship Manager for International Affairs. Having worked with International Banks like Bank of America, she has had exposure to handling clients from across the world. Her role as a part of the team would be to handle all the interactions related to our exports as well as bring leads for the business.